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Terry Foster
Terry Foster, CEO of Terry Foster Consulting
Dear Business Owner (& Slightly Hesitant Advertiser),
My name is Terry Foster and I create winning Facebook Ad campaigns.

They win fans, leads, and customers for my clients. And I’m PROUD of it.

Over the years, my team and I have managed over $7,500,000 in Facebook Ads.

That’s a lot of ad spend, a lot of lessons learned, and a lot of experience under our belts.

Our clients have seen:
✔️ increased leads up to 1100% 
✔️ increased ROI up to 800%
✔️ decreased cost per lead by up to 70%
✔️ and one client even saw a massive $35K in sales (selling flip-flops!) in just 30 days.

So, yes. These campaigns are “winning.”
But I didn’t start out managing big brands with big budgets...
As a Facebook Ads Freelancer, I started working with small businesses who had small budgets (normally under $1,000).

Their budget wasn't big enough to work with the agencies, and they were too busy running their business to sit down and learn Facebook Ads from scratch (plus, who wants to gamble their ad budget away just trying to figure it all out?).

Some of them had tried to run campaigns with little or no success. And it was expensive.

So, there I was… a solo freelancer with a full-time job, spending 8-10 hours a day each weekend and 5 hours on weekdays, learning everything I could to earn massive results for these early clients.

I basically had to eat, breathe, and LIVE Facebook Ads (and have absolutely no social life) to do it right.

But it was worth it, because…

Terry Foster Speaking
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Their Little Budgets Didn’t Stop Them
In fact, some of my biggest wins came from clients starting out with less than $1K monthly ad budgets.
And I loved it.
Because I love seeing businesses grow from $0 to $10K monthly… or from $10K to $100K monthly…

In a way, it’s even more satisfying than helping clients grow from $1M to $2M.

But, it’s not all unicorns and rainbows. These businesses do face real challenges when starting to grow using Facebook Ads.
Small Businesses Typically Face 3 Problems When Trying To Advertise
They’ve tried running ads before on their own and the results weren’t pretty. Way too much money was lost and barely (if any) leads or sales were made in the process.

They can’t afford more experimentation without dedicating the time to learning the nuances like targeting, creative, Power Editor, Facebook policy, etc.
They don’t have the time to learn the ins and outs of Facebook Ads. And frankly, they don’t want to blow through their ad budget while “experimenting.”

They need help, but…
They don’t have the budget to work with the big guys yet .

And so, they’re back to problem #1. The cycle repeats, years go by, and they’re no closer to growing their business .

It’s a catch-22. They need to run ads to grow, but they can’t hire anyone to run their ads until they grow.
They begin to think they’re just not big enough for Facebook Ads.
And so, they go back to slow business building methods… like pumping out endless content (that no one ever sees) or hoping their page will rank for a top keyword.

All the while, money sits on the table… just out of reach.

You don’t need more slow growth. You need a fast-tracked ad plan (that doesn’t include hours of self-education or expensive agency fees).
The truth is, small businesses do succeed using Facebook Ads.
You just need the right kind of support.
"We built our eCommerce business through Facebook with Terry. He was there when we started spending $100/day to spending $30k/day and with over 7 fig spent under Terry now within 9 months, I must say he’s truly professional at what he is doing. He’s always there fully dedicated with his team to watch over all our ads no matter what day/season it is (even during his vacation). Our business wouldn’t be where it is today without Terry."

- Melvin
"Terry is the marketing genius that facilitated a 700% ROI on our Facebook Ads. He took my company to 6 Figures a month. He is a team player and works well with my creative director to launch amazing advertising campaigns. Definitely someone to strongly consider having on your advertising team."

- Tieron Spears
"Terry’s Facebook campaigns have helped me generate thousands of leads for my ‘quit smoking hypnosis’ business ‘Breathe Hypnotherapy’.

My quit smoking clinics are in Melbourne Australia and at first I was wary about using a consultant based in another country. I had tried Facebook advertising with little success but Terry came highly recommended and so I thought it worth giving him a go.

I am still amazed at how effective the campaigns have been and I have always found Terry to be efficient, effective and a pleasure to do business with. 

I know Terry is in high demand, so if the opportunity to work with him comes up, make sure you grab it as quickly as you can."

- Michael Whelehan
- Gwen Jimmere
Facebook Ads Fast Track
also known as FFT
FFT is your fast-track to Facebook Ads marketing.
Our team of Facebook Ad Experts who have brought in more than $50,000,000 in sales and hundreds of thousands of leads for our clients will create and setup your entire campaign in just 14 days .
It's Fast:
We’ll create and launch your campaign in just 7-14 days.
It's Safe:
Place your trust in a team of seasoned experts with $7.5M in ad spend under our belts.
It's Strategic:
Our team of experts will apply the same winning strategies we’ve used on our clients.
Facebook Ads Fast Track Includes…
A full Facebook Ads Campaign, ready to start driving traffic, collecting leads, and selling products in just 7-14 days.
The complete strategy from start to finish, including mapping the funnel, creative strategy, and targeting.
A personal video that explains what we set up, why we set it up, and how you should monitor to optimize going forward.
A dedicated team of experts to create and setup your ads using our tried and true best practices that have brought in more than $50M in sales and hundreds of thousands of leads for clients.
Expert copy creation to attract your ideal buyers and stand out in the news feed.
A complete custom avatar document so you know exactly who to target for optimal results.
Expert targeting setup. We’ll setup your targeting so your ads roll out to your ideal customers.
… a $5,593 value.
Facebook Ad
Plus… Keep your full profit.
Many agencies and consultants charge a percentage of ad spend to manage your campaigns (so do we for our "done-for you" clients).

However - with FFT the fee is FLAT as a pancake.

Instead, we’ll do all the heavy lifting and handle the strategy, ads, and setup. We’ll let you take it from there.

But don’t worry, we’ll create a personalized and comprehensive video to help you oversee your ads moving forward.

You’re in control. Run the ads for as long as you’d like and keep all the profits. You’ve earned it.
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Here's How FTT Works…
Step 1
Sign up.
Step 2
Work with a Facebook Ads Specialist. A member of our team will connect with you to get information to create the campaign.
Step 3
Run your ads. Once our team has created and setup your campaign, we’ll hand over the keys to the kingdom along with instructions on how to get the best results from your ads!
Plus, we’re going to throw in something special to help you take your Facebook Ad game to the next level…
Facebook Ads Playbook Course Special Discount Offer 
We want to see you succeed, so we’re including at a limited time offer: Facebook Ads Playbook Course.

Facebook Ads Playbook gives you the tools you need to improve your advertising efforts. You'll learn:

- Facebook Business Page best practices & SEO tips
- Tactics for creating ads that actually get results
- How to leverage analytics in your advertising strategy

Upon purchase, you’ll receive a coupon code to the complete course so you can reference as your business (and ad campaign) grows.
... a $497 value for $197!
The Good News and The Bad News…
The Good News:
My team and I are really excited to help you get your Facebook Ads created and setup.
The Bad News:
This is a time-intensive service and we fully expect to sell out.

Because we need time to dedicate to each of our clients, we simply cannot guarantee that this offer will be available next month, next week, or even tomorrow.

In fact, we can only accept a limited number of customers today.
More Good News:
But... if you’re reading this page, the offer is available right now. Get started today and you can have your complete campaign running in just 14 days.
Let’s Get Started On Your Ad Campaign Today
As a reminder, you’re receiving…
Limited Time Offer:
Get Your Ads Up And Running at A Fraction of The Cost
Right now, you have the opportunity to tap into the same knowledge, skills, and expertise that my team has used to generate more than $50,000,000 in sales and hundreds of thousands of new leads.

Learning the ins and outs of Facebook Ads to that extent would take years of studying and about $7,500,000 in ad spend (that’s how much we’ve managed to date).

Which is why we don’t even consider bringing on done-for-you clients for less than $2,000.

Honestly, they’re happy to pay it (especially once they see how their business and life transform before their eyes).

Today… we’re not going to charge you our minimum.

In fact, we’re not even going to ask for half of that.

We want to make this an easy decision for you and help you get started today.
Get Facebook Ads Fast Track Today for Just $997
Of course, what we can’t tell you…
… is how much your campaign will make, how much your business will grow, or how much your life will change once you begin to fully realize the power of Facebook Ads.
So, we’ll let our clients’ success speak for itself…
Hustle and Heart TV
"Terry made me a believer in the power of Facebook Ads! My very first webinar was a huge success thanks to the campaign that Terry ran. If you are looking for a Facebook Ads ROCKSTAR – Terry is your guy!"
"Terry is a super-star at both the big picture and details of Facebook advertising. Both his over-phone consulting, and frequent emails were instrumental. And he's a pleasure to work with. I will continue to use his services in the future. He has my highest admiration and recommendation."
"I needed help with Facebook and decided to take a chance on Terry because his said he understood the key is quite simple. Make more than you spend. Over the last few months he's taken his knife and made each campaign more and more profitable. It's like finding FREE money!"
If You’ve Read This Far…
Then you already know…

Your business would benefit from advertising on Facebook.

Because, there are billions of people on the platform each and everyday.

In fact, more Americans tune into Facebook nightly from 8PM - 11PM than into primetime television on all of the major cable networks… combined.  

Your audience is there. Listening. Scrolling...

And you already know that all you need is the right strategy, the right targeting, the right ad to get their attention and turn them into buyers.

But most importantly…

You already know that with just one burst of leads or just one epic launch, your business (and life) could change dramatically for the better.

Stop putting it off. Now is the time to grow your business using Facebook Ads.

Let our team of Facebook Ads Experts fast-track you to marketing success.
Get Facebook Ads Fast Track Today for Just $997($5593)
"Action is the foundational key to all success." - Pablo Picasso
Are you ready to take action?
Thanks for reading. I’m looking forward to seeing how your business and life change after we create your next Facebook Ad campaign.
Terry Foster
CEO, Terry Foster Consulting
Creator of Facebook Ads Playbook
One More Thing…
Here’s just a taste of what is possible when you run Facebook Ads right…

Charis saw “exponential growth.”
Karen received a return of 300% - 400%
Chris doubled his email list and ran a 6-figure launch
Get Facebook Ads Fast Track Today for Just $997 ($5593)
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